Here at Shoeaholics Limited, we realize that effectively finding the right size and style to meet your requirements is important to your social persona. Since beginning of our business in 2010, we’ve been endeavoring to present to you that perfect shopping experience.
We pride ourselves in our comfortable shoes and reasonable prices regardless of your personal style and preference. We are determined to provide quality and exceptional Customer Service and our Client representatives are prepared and willing to help whether in-store or via Social Media

From inception, the Shoeaholics brand seemed to be more of Gods divine intervention than prudent planning as the owner got lost in the Shoe District while shopping for what was supposed to be a Boutique. Being the lover of shoes; she spent all her capital on shoes therein Shoe Fetish came about where her first brick & mortar store was located at Level II Hadeed Mall, Arima. After sometime she realized the name didn’t embody the new direction of the brand thus Shoeaholics was born. Today we are glad to state that we are one of the longest constantly running shoe stores in the Trinidad. The life span of our physical business is a demonstration of our duty to you and the majority of our clients. We have been mandated to serve to the best of our ability and this is the main reason we take a stab at 100% consumer loyalty. With two very distinctive faucets of the company – the Ezi brand & the Shi Collection named so meticulously after her children she continues to work assiduously behind each design, each draft, each release.

So the next time you require classy & trendy wear for an event, our group is here to ensure that you get the execution that you require from our line of ladies footwear. Let Shoeaholics Limited assist in making your fashion statement known.